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Attention all Pageant Contestants!

Here you will find some vital tips/advice/information to help you do your best at the next pageant you compete in!

It's not a race!  Slow down~give the judges time to look at you, the photographer time to photograph you, and enjoy your moment in the spotlight!  

Lift your chin!  When the stagelights hit your eyelashes and nose, they will create terrible shadows.  Most stages do not have floor lights so you need to look up!  Looking up and into the audience will give you gorgeous light on your face for all to see

Don't use a mineral based makeup!!!  Mineral based makeup is highly reflective and bad for photoshoots.  

Find out who your MUA sponsors are ahead of time and see if they will teach you how to do your makeup for the pageant!  It will help you to look better and feel better as you will be prepared for the preliminary competition and final show!  Same goes for your hair stylist!

Change your stance!  A simple shifting of weight from one leg to the other, switching the hands on your hips and looking from one side of the theater to the other can give you many more lovely pictures! Or you can stand like a statue and have 20 of the exact same picture!

Check those swimsuits bottoms in the light.  Stage lights can be 'very revealing'.  If the camera picks it up, so did the audience.  There is a simple tape you can also buy to alleviate this issue.  Call your pageant directors office and they can help.

Tell your family, holding up signs are great! You may or may not be able to see them on stage and depending on where the photographer and videographer are, they may just be blocking you out entirely with their sign.  Decide how important that is and go from there. 

Spray tans.  They can be just what you need for those harsh stage lights to look like you have a bit of color. very careful not to overdo it!....  You will still have plenty of other pictures (registration, interview, banquet, etc...) and you don't want to look like you rolled in Doritos for the pageant!!  

Practice your walk.  Practice your poses.  Use a mirror.  Have your friends watch you and give you honest and constructive critique.

You are now in the big girl pageants!  Pony kicks, blowing kisses, and flipping your hair during your walk may not be the way to go to becoming a finalist!

Be on time at registration!  You don't want to be the one holding up the line, its sets the tone for the whole day!  Arrive at your hotel on time and be prepared!  You will feel more relaxed and everything will go more smoothly! 

Practice how you will answer interview questions on stage.  It can be nerve-wracking enough, don't go in unprepared.  Unless you are the first state competing of the year, you can easily view online the final show of pageants leading up to yours and get a feel for some of the questions they will ask.  Practice your answers.  And most of all, think about who you are naming as a role model.  It can make an impact, be sure it's a positive one!  


Remember, it's not only a's also a photo shoot!!