crafted by photobiz

Bring a wide variety of clothes to the shoot. 

No logos or text on clothing

No small patterns or pinstripes (distracting and often results in annoying moire)

Not too short of a hemline on dresses/skirts

Ladies:  wear supportive undergarments like Spanx, it can do wonders in photos!

Guys:  empty your pockets!
No white sneakers or white socks!

Be sure to look your very best by doing some of the following ahead of time:

Manicure, pedicure (yes, sometimes we go barefoot!), eyebrows tweezed, facial, 

lip balm, & a quality MUA (Make-up Artist) & most importantly keep hydrated!

Don't get haircuts the day before, they always need a week or two to look their best

Double check clothing to make sure it isn't wrinkled,we don't iron at the studio!

If you have acne or other skin problems, consider trying Kombucha, a fermented tea that 

is known for it's probiotic healing and a wonderful alternative to soda! For more information on where to get 

Kombucha and the benefits from drinking it, contact me through our contact page!  You'll want to start drinking this 

so your skin will look radiant and blemish free for your photo shoot!